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Your boat is your escape, your sanctuary, your joy. Let MaintenanceROS be your partner in keeping it that way. With our personalized maintenance scheduling, we'll track your equipment and notify you of upcoming tasks, so you can focus on enjoying the water. Leave the details to us and experience worry-free boating like never before.

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A quick overview of MaintenanceROS

Key Features

Discover how MaintenanceROS can help you stay on the water


Quickly assess your boat’s Overall Maintenance Status with our convenient Dashboard. See what tasks are upcoming and prioritize your maintenance.

Custom Maintenance Schedule

You can create a personalized, custom maintenance schedule for your boat, based on the equipment you have onboard.

Predictive Maintenance Scheduling

Update your Equipment Log Book to track equipment usage and we’ll predict when certain maintenance tasks will be due, based on your actual usage.

Verified Schedules

We maintain a library of verified official maintenance schedules for marine equipment so you can quickly build your personalized experience.


Personalize how and when you want to receive notifications of maintenance tasks. That way you can slot the time required for boat work into your schedule.

Maintenance History

Easily look up when maintenance tasks were completed. And if the day comes to sell your boat, you can show prospective buyers the verified maintenance history.

Time on Water

Enjoy Your Boat

More Time On The Water

Properly maintained equipment is less likely to suffer breakdowns, meaning you spend more time on the water, and less time fixing your boat.

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Increased Safety

Sail Confidently

Increased Safety & Reliability

Set to sea confidently, knowing that your equipment is in proper working order and no maintenance tasks have been forgotten.

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Decreased Costs

Save Money

Decreased Ownership Cost

Staying on top of preventative maintenance for the equipment on your boat can help you avoid costly and avoidable repairs.

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A happy user

MaintenanceROS highlighted several tasks that slipped through the cracks and helped me quickly address them. With its powerful features, I feel confident about staying on top of everything.

Frank C.

S/V Galatea - Leopard 46


Manufacturer Partners

We've partnered with the following companies to help make sure we provide you with the latest and greatest of maintenance schedules for their boats and equipment.

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