About Us

Meet the Team

Maintenance Right on Schedule grew out of a desire to make identifying and tracking maintenance on boats simple and easy. Mostly because one of our founders lives on a boat and got really tired of keeping track of all his maintenance spreadsheets. Seriously… so. many. spreadsheets!

We built the service that we wanted to use and hope other boaters will find it makes their lives on the water easier as well!

David Headshot
David Alton
CEO & Starry Horizons Captain

In 2014, David quit his job and his wife Amy sold her business so they could take off on their Helia 44 catamaran to sail around the world. Over 45,000 nautical miles and 37 countries later, they achieved their dream on March 26th, 2020 when Starry Horizons crossed her wake in Antigua!

David does all the maintenance aboard Starry Horizons himself so he knows exactly how much work goes into owning a boat and keeping it on the water. After dreaming of a service like MaintenanceROS for years, he finally took the plunge and just helped build it!

Thomas Headshot
Thomas Alton
CTO & Tech Geek

Thomas has been tinkering with technology for over twenty years. From scaling the backend for the RetailMeNot mobile app, to helping establish the new H-E-B Digital organization, Thomas understands what it takes to build reliable and user-friendly software.

After partnering with his brother David, what started as a side project to manage the maintenance projects around the house has now grown into a full fledged business: Maintenance Right On Schedule.