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A Better Handover with MaintenanceROS

New boat owners often face an overwhelming task of coming to grips with all the systems on their new boat. Set them up with a MaintenanceROS account and help them love their boat the minute they step onboard.

Boat Templates
We'll work with you to create Boat Templates for each model you sell. These templates will feature all the standard and optional equipment available.
Digital Owner's Manuals
Each piece of equipment included on the boat will have a Digital Owner's Manual. No more searching through a thick stack of papers to find what's needed!
Personalized Maintenance Schedules
Our database of marine equipment includes the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule. Your clients will know exactly how to take care of their new boat.
Quick Set Up and Handover
The Concierge Feature allows you to easily use a Boat Template and set up a completely customized MaintenanceROS account for your clients.

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Being a MaintenanceROS Partner includes all the following benefits:

What’s included

  • Dedicated Partner Portal
  • Manage Team Members & Permissions
  • Boat Templates For All Models
  • Digital Owner's Manuals
  • Concierge Feature for Quick and Easy Handover
  • One year MaintenanceROS access for each boat


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MaintenanceROS was built by boat owners who experienced the struggles of new boat ownership. We can help you provide your boat owners a more pleasant and memorable experience.