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Getting Started with MaintenanceROS

Add Your Equipment illustration

Add Your Equipment


Create a profile for your boat and add any or all equipment that can be found on board.

Build Maintenance Schedules illustration

Build Maintenance Schedules


We'll fill in the official maintenance schedules for your equipment from our library. If we don't have it, you can always build your own.

Set Equipment Condition illustration

Set Equipment Condition


Tell us if the equipment on your boat is new or has already been used. Our smart scheduling engine will adapt the maintenance schedule to pick up from there.

Maintain As You Go illustration

Maintain As You Go


Our Task Scheduling Engine will adapt to your boat usage and keep your customized Maintenance Schedule up to date. Easily keep your boat in shipshape!

Plan Features

MaintenanceROS Basic Plan Features


Quickly assess your boat’s Overall Maintenance Status. See which equipment needs the most urgent attention and what tasks are upcoming. Update your Equipment Log Book and keep track of in-progress checklists. All from one convenient Dashboard.

Custom Maintenance Schedule

Once you tell us what equipment you have onboard, we create a personalized, custom maintenance schedule for your boat. Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding unexpected and expensive breakdowns. Stay on top of maintenance and stay out on the water!


It can be easy to forget all the steps for a proper shut down/start up procedure. Create your own custom checklist and never forget to open the thru-hull BEFORE turning on the engine again!


Personalize how and when you want to receive notifications of maintenance tasks. That way you can slot the time required for boat work into your schedule.

Equipment Log Book

Many maintenance tasks are dependent on the Hours of Operation of the equipment. We’ve created an Equipment Log Book so you can easily track these metrics for all the equipment on your boat.

Predictive Maintenance Scheduling

By using MaintenanceROS regularly and updating your Equipment Log Book, we’ll predict when certain maintenance tasks will be due, based on how frequently you use the equipment. That lets you plan ahead for the hard to plan for tasks!

Maintenance History

Once you mark a maintenance task as complete, we’ll keep a record in your Maintenance History. That makes it easy to find when a task was last completed as well as show prospective future owners just how well your boat has been maintained.

One Off Tasks

On boats, there are many times where a corrective repair or a one off task comes up. You can quickly and easily make a note of these and use our Task Scheduling Engine to add them to your boat’s maintenance schedule.

Most Attention Needed

Our custom algorithm will identify which equipment on your boat needs the most maintenance attention. We then highlight these for you on your Dashboard so you can focus your time where it’s needed most.

User/Maintenance Manuals

You have 1GB of cloud storage to use in order to upload your user and maintenance manuals for the equipment on your boat. You’ll no longer spend more time looking for the manual than you would trying to complete the task.


Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit on how many pieces of equipment can be included in my boat profile?

Nope! You can have as many as you want. Choose to track just the big ticket items like your engine and generator or create schedules to check on everything like each of the dyneema chafe covers that go through your stanchions. And yes, we really do know a boat that’s done that!

I’m cruising remote places with intermittent internet access. Will I still be able to access my maintenance schedule?

At this moment, you'll need an internet connection to access your maintenance schedule. We're working on developing our premium plan and mobile iOS/Android mobile apps which will allow offline access and alert notifications.

How long does it take to set up my boat profile?

We’ve designed the set up process to be as easy and painless as possible. And as part of that, we’re working to add and verify maintenance schedules for as many manufacturers and types of equipment as possible to help streamline this process even further.

But, boats can be complicated with an endless combination of equipment on board. The length of time it takes to set up your boat profile will depend on how much equipment you want to add and keep track of.

If you don’t have time to add all the equipment you want, rest assured you can save your place in the onboarding process, or complete the onboarding and add more equipment later!

What time frames can be used to schedule maintenance on my equipment?

When to perform maintenance on boat equipment can depend on a variety of factors. We custom built our Task Engine to handle them all!

Have equipment that requires specific tasks to be done on a time schedule? No problem! Many engines or generators require servicing after a set number of running hours. You can set up metrics to track those hours and stay up to date on the required maintenance.

And what about equipment that requires some task to be done for the first time after a set number of running hours and then needs to be done on a set time schedule OR after a different set number of running hours. Not to worry, we can handle that too!

What sort of notifications are available?

The types of notifications you can receive depend on your subscription plan. All notifications are visible within the Dashboard. Email notifications can be configured to fit your personal schedule.

Premium Plan can also choose to integrate their maintenance tasks with their calendar of choice and receive regular calendar notifications.

Preview of the MROS Dashboard

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